Money is on the Move.


Money is on the Move.


Dear Investors.


The plate is full, investors have plenty to consider and should be making decisions before certain events unfold.


The Russian build-up brings many potential disruptions, oil, and natural gas could potentially spike sharply higher if a confrontation takes place. 


If that’s not enough the stock market fears are very real with money moving around early as weakness from large tech stocks erase billions from the table in just one week.


Sometimes is not what’s in the forefront, but in the backstage, small-cap stocks have been suffering for almost 1 year, that´s the real problem for stocks.


Then we come to inflation, make no mistakes fixing inflation is no easy task.


At 40 year highs and wages on the rise to motivate people back to work products will continue to cost more for some time, this is basic economics.


Investors are eagerly waiting for fed comments tomorrow afternoon to further clarify and confirm Powell’s next brilliant move.


Much is already factored in.


Investors making early adjustments to their holdings will be better prepared for any additional volatility.


Much success to all.  



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