Unexpected Comments from the Council.


Unexpected Comments from the Council.

Dear Investors.


Platinum and palladium have been a topic lately, investment interest has risen.


The Russian situation with Ukraine has something to do with the attention, but even if there are some supply disruptions, that´s not the real point of interest.


IMG has made two buy recommendations over the last 12 months in platinum.


The first was at $850.00 and the second at $950.00, the high recently was $1300.00, and the current price at approximately $1040.00.


Our thought at the time and today is based on the substitution of the sister metals in certain applications due to their significant price differences.


The World Platinum Council which never makes price predictions in an interview covered some supply and demand tendencies we should expect.


As platinum continues to substitute palladium to control emissions in vehicles, by next year 400.000 to a max of 600.000 additional ounces will be needed to meet demand.


Basis these figures an enormous potential for price appreciation is certainly present in the platinum market.


The most interesting comment was that platinum has the possibility of rising towards palladium current prices, as of the close today palladium traded at slightly over $2400.00.


These are motivating and unexpected comments from the Council.



Much success to all.  



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