Volatility High.


Volatility High.

Dear Investors.


The attack on Ukraine will impact many markets.


Investors, you need to be proactive.


Make the appropriate adjustments both short and long-term.


To be clear, adjustments not only with IMG, but with all your investments.


Let’s take a look at markets around the world. Stock futures last night were devastated immediately after the attack.


Oil traded above $100.00 a barrel and natural gas also jumped sharply higher.


The gold market was not left behind as it traded at a high of $1970.00.


The grain markets were explosive, wheat and corn jumped to highest prices since 2012.


Not to be left out Bitcoin dropped like a rock from a twenty-story building.


As expected the Russian stock market was crushed falling by more than 40%, followed naturally by the Ruble, Russia’s currency.


All this activity brings the need for asset repositioning to protect holdings.


Investors are aware that volatility offers potential gains, the volume has been high.


Much success to all.  



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