Ego-Centric Idiot.


Ego-Centric Idiot.

Dear Investors.


New sanctions move to cut off Russia’s central bank from over $600 billion in reserves.


The West could also cut Russia from the global payment system SWIFT.


Today Fast Market Conditions.
Gold up $36.00, Platinum up $14.00,  Oil up $10.60.


Silver up $0.91, Palladium up $95.00 and  stocks down 600 points.


The impact of the conflict will bring much higher inflation all over the world.


Supply lines will suffer further, the conflict will reflect soon on the price of many commodities. The Russian economy has been crushed by sanctions.


We all will pay for the sanctions imposed on Russia, that is the price for freedom. Putin never expected the resistance and persistence that he has encountered from Ukrainian citizens.


The Russian people will also endure much hardship because of this madman, ego-centric idiot.


Major companies are canceling their contracts with Russia. Within the sports world, formula 1, tennis, soccer, and countless other associations have ceased all activities with Russia.


Even if this is resolved sooner rather than later, the cost and increase in certain commodities will remain for a long time to come.


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Much success to all.  



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