Buckle Your Seatbelt.


Buckle Your Seatbelt.

Dear Investors.


Gold sets a new all-time high at $2078.00.


Palladium reaches a new all-time high over $3400. Wheat, oil, natural gas where ever you look markets are ballistic.


The U.S sanctioned Russian oil today, followed by the U.K. banning all purchases further crippling the aggressor.


The actions taken will hurt the Russian economy like Putin never imagined.


Russia is totally isolated from the world, but U.S.senators have introduced a bill that would cut off a major last resource from making it to market, gold, the bill is seeking to stop any international sales of this asset.

We all need to do our part to assist if that involves higher prices for us, so be it.


The Ukrainian people are suffering greatly at the hands of this salvage invasion.


God Bless the Ukrainian people.


Much success to all.  



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