Let’s Break it Down.


Let’s Break it Down.

Dear Investors.


The IMF stated that inflation is going to increase, as they reported red-hot inflation will continue.


Nobody knows how long this war will last, weeks or months, who knows?


The one thing we do know is that the sanctions will be around far longer, and with greater impact to all of us than the war.


As the IMF pointed out, the entire world economy will suffer higher prices and faster inflation.


Look at food prices recently, what about your gas prices, it´s to be expected, and higher prices are coming.


Some brilliant analysts have written lately that the stock market started to decline sharply because of the conflict.


The conflict only allowed the trend to continue its course, if these economic masterminds would look at a chart the secret would be revealed immediately, the stock market started to decline last November. Surprise.


When you evaluate information and the underlying support that a market may offer, precious metals are in a unique position, with higher inflation and climbing the potential is far greater than most other market segments.


The long-term technical patterns are bullish, complemented by a rather strong fundamental outlook.


Estimates for gold prices range between $2200.00 to $2500.00 and actually higher.


There is plenty of activity, do yourself a favor, take appropriate action, do not fall asleep at the wheel.


Sometimes you have to wait 10 years, for the one year that could potentially change your life.


Much success to all.  



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