NATO and European Meetings.


NATO and European Meetings.

Dear Investors.


New sanctions imposed on Russian leaders and entities furthering the isolation from global markets.


The U.S. and its European partners are completely united in the fight against the invasion of Ukraine.


NATO has never been more united said, Biden.


All topics of concern were on the table, chemical weapons, the China factor, sanctions, and food shortages.


On the last point, we all will feel the impact of the sanctions, food will most likely experience shortages throughout the entire world.


This is going to increase inflation much more in the coming months.


One of the most important discussions was centered around the significant need to maintain sanctions for at least the balance of this year.


Biden also suggested that Russia should be removed from the G20.


Russia internally continues making horrible decisions, their stock market traded for the first time in a month.


The central bank did not allow foreign investors to sell positions, violating international market rules. Not a smart move.


Bottom line: food security and energy security are top priorities around the world.


Investors are seeking gold as a safe haven to protect against geopolitical uncertainties.


Analysts estimate gold price between $2200.00 to $2500.00 as a possible range.

Expect inflationary pressures to persist far longer, but we all must be willing to accept our part, this is the price for freedom.


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Much success to all.  



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