Supply Shortages.


Supply Shortages.

Dear Investors.


Supply lines have been experiencing widespread problems. However, in short, it’s about to get worse.


Roughly 90 ships sit outside the waters surrounding Los Angeles.


Some are going on 60 days waiting to be unloaded. Shortages of workers not only at docks around the world, truck drivers to move the products and down the remainder of the supply line.


Where this takes a significant turn is in rerouting supplies to assist with disruptions created by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


The logistics of such a dramatic reorganization is insane.


Russia is a major exporter of commodities therefore as sanctions bite and products lack in the open market, inflation must and will increase for all of us.


In a disgusting act of cowardness Russian soldiers steal food and medicine in a humanitarian convey, this adds to the list of barbaric war crimes. Despicable.


Blackrock, the largest and most influential investment firm in the world, said that globalization of the world as we know it just changed forever.


The firm manages over 10 trillion dollars for a very wealthy clientele.


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Much success to all.  



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