Twists and Turns.


Twists and Turns.

Dear Investors.


The International Monetary Fund cut economic growth potential over the next couple of years.


 The conflict will have a far-reaching and disruptive impact on all economies.


Punishing Russia will cost the West roughly an 8.5% contraction. 


If you would like further details regarding the IMF report contact IMG.


As gasoline prices move higher, certain food items disappear from shelves; this serves as confirmation of where things are headed. 


Higher for the foreseeable future. Recent comments  circulating that some of the largest oil traders will not continue to purchase oil from Russia will add to price pressures. 

The thought process for investors should be along the lines of protecting assets in an inflationary cycle. 


Obviously, a unique process, with many more unexpected twists and turns than normal.


There is plenty of information available to investors from a historical perspective.


IMG suggest doing your homework but, most important, making decisions to protect and complement your holdings. 


Much success to all.  



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