Speed of Light.


Speed of Light.

Dear Investors.


It’s not just the basics like food and energy that are sky-high. 


In March home prices experienced another all-time high. With such high prices, averaging well above $300.000, most renters have given up on owning a home.


When we look at inflation around the world, the numbers are simply amazing. In South and Central America, you will find countries above a 50% inflation rate. 


In Europe, the numbers are equally as surprising.


Germany just posted in March its highest producer price inflation since collecting this type of information 73 years ago.


The gold and silver markets will be volatile as short term technical traders take advantage of price swings.


Long term traders should use this activity to acquire product on price breaks. 


Gold traded early this week at $2000.00 an ounce, a price pullback was expected.


In this current market, headlines change at the speed of light.


Investors should be prepared to use the news, and make decisions on a timely basis. 


Much success to all.  



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