Human Nature At Its Best.


Human Nature At Its Best.

Dear Investors.


Everything was down today, this is like a broken record. It takes a couple of days after any major change for the weak players to leave the table.


We just had the interest rate hike and believe it or not, the nervous crowd was already dwelling on if the Fed would raise rates at their next meeting by 75 basis points.


Make no mistakes; that is a mental issue, borderline in need of psychiatric help. Human nature at its best.


Another important point that needs further clarification is regarding China.


The lockdowns are in place, will they last forever? No.


China is so clever that it would be no surprise if the lockdowns are part of a strategy to acquire commodities at a deep discount.


The nervous selling led to the decline across the board. Mainly stocks.


 Mr. Powell, in his divine wisdom, I’m fairly sure, knows the tight rope he is walking on.


Overall the economy is in better shape then the last crisis back in 2008.


Those investors who are doing their homework should be pro-active


Most markets are certainly offering good value for long-term investors.


Short-term: Headlines are your buying opportunities.

Long-term: Fundamentals are your guide.


Much success to all.  



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