It’s Not Personal…

Dear investor.

For as long as the markets have existed investors have found themselves fighting their emotions.

Let’s clear the air, markets are priced by factoring in many data points that might simply differ from our personal evaluation of current market conditions.

Investors get confused, why did that happen? Markets may interpret an event for its short-term impact or may overlook the short-term and go straight for a long-term evaluation.

The reality is that there is no set pattern that you will be able to pinpoint.

Add to the mix the endless financial indicators that exist today, and it seems that everybody has an indicator, It’s probably fair to say most economists don’t even know or follow the absurd indicators released every 5 minutes.

With all the above being said; what are we to do? Investors who are successful avoid all the noise, and most importantly realize…It’s not about today, it’s about years.

Focus on your long-term goals, long-term fundamentals, and stop over analyzing short-term adverse market conditions like a personal situation; emotions and successful investing does not work.

Forbes released the losses of the 500 richest people in the world last week.

This group lost over $2 trillion in the last six months. This elite group has access to the best advisers on the planet; the difference here is that they are actively buying depressed assets and not for one-second taking it personal. That´s how they acquired and maintain their enormous wealth.

Be an active participant, not a spectator.

Take advantage of price breaks.

Short-term: Headlines are your buying opportunities.

Long-term: Fundamentals are your guide.

Much success to all. 

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