Between Our Ears.

Dear investor.

Once again, the data released this week did nothing to clear up some of the doubts many have; inflation down, jobs up, and the Fed, who knows.

The noise is good, it´s the sole reason we have such opportunities to buy assets at reduced prices.

Simplify the BS and build your holdings.

Gold and silver have performed well over the last four weeks as the charts we’re suggesting. With the increase in price, continuing chart strength is possible.

This does not mean that pricing won´t experience short-term drops, what it does mean is that investors should use those drops to acquire products.

If you have activity read these market updates from IMG; then you know that our commitment is 100% devoted to long-term market potential.

The only real short-term concern we have is getting investors to realize that what many consider to be a negative market environment is in actuality your best long-term entry points.

All markets offer endless opportunities regardless of what most think, the issue is not the market; it´s controlling the emotions between our ears.

Short-term: Headlines are your buying opportunities.

Long-term: Fundamentals are your guide.

Much success to all.  

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