Investors are Buying…

Dear investor.

Investors are making sound purchases by taking advantage of the price discounts.

While many look at falling prices with a short-term alarming mindset; others realize, or should we say, have done their homework and feel that current pricing will bring long-term benefits.

The Perth Mint reported that it sold 84,976 ounces of minted gold products in August.

sales are up sharply from August of 2021.

The U.S. Mint reported sales of 51,500 ounces of American Gold bullion coins.

Silver one-ounce American Eagles, over 800,000 were sold in August.

The numbers show buyers are active around the world; some pockets such as Europe and Asia more than others, some shortages have also perhaps have limited sales in certain markets around the world.

Looking is not an option…Stay-Active

Short-term: Headlines are your buying opportunities.

Long-term: Fundamentals are your guide.

Much success to all.  

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