Going Full Circle.

Dear investor.

It seems that the potential escalation due to missiles crossing into Poland is a non-issue; by most accounts, they came from Ukraine.

In general, tensions are high, and the potential for misinterpretations is ever-present.

Perhaps we should mention the craziness unfolding around the Crypto world.

Many investigations going on to determine what happened at FTX. Various agencies looking deeper into the possibility of mismanagement, or other more delicate practices.

The question now is, what will investors do?

Will some of this capital seek new market opportunities elsewhere? Stay tuned.

Going full circle back to precious metals, today, all metals were down sharply after better-than-expected reports in housing and jobs claims reports.

Is this good or bad news for the metals? It seems that there is actually a chart from Gary Wagner that helps paint the proper picture to assist.

Take a look at the chart below…You decide…!!!

Short-term: Headlines are your buying opportunities.

Long-term: Fundamentals are your guide.

Much success to all.  

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