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By purchasing Precious Metals products at International Metals Group L.A. (IMG) you can take immediate delivery to your home. We can also deliver your product to your account with Precious Metals International Ltd. (PMI) for storage, and if you wish, you can use PMI's secured credit lines, which will allow you to finance up to 80% of the value of the products in your portfolio on the market, at any time and for any purpose you may have.

If you decide to take delivery or have your product delivered to your account with PMI, you must have sufficient funds in our possession to complete the transaction of your order. Please request a copy of our bank transfer instructions for your bank. For your protection, we will provide you with a referral code to correctly identify and credit you when you receive your funds.

Summary of the services provided in an account with IMG and PMI:

  • Choose immediate delivery to your home or to your account with PMI. If you chose to have an account with PMI, you can also take home delivery at any time. You can register in minutes.
  • Storage service provided by PMI in recognized and approved change deposits.
  • Financing facilities provided by PMI of up to 80% of the value of the products in the market and that you have in your account, at any time and for any purpose.
  • 24/7 online ability to carry out purchase and / or sale transactions, with instant price confirmation. You can also request the withdrawal of funds online, with response times between 24-48 hours by check, ACH or electronic bank transfer.
  • Online access to your account 24/7, with their respective monthly account statements.

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Frecuently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQ section, where we aim to answer the most frequently asked questions about precious metals investments. Precious metals have been valued by civilizations throughout history for their beauty, rarity, and unique properties. Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are the most commonly traded precious metals and are often used as a hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty. In this section, we will provide answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about precious metals investments.

Precious Metals Bullion Products are available in various forms, which carry premium costs. This premium is called a “Fabrication Cost” or “Bar Charge”. These charges are in addition to the Ask Price charged, and will vary depending on Market conditions and the quantity being purchased. These products previously received a premium above the “Bid” when being sold, but this is now dependent on Market conditions and the quantity being sold. Please visit our Fabricated Products Price Page for our current Bid/Ask Price Indications.All products are of Hallmark refineries such as Johnson Matthey, Handy Harman, Metalor (Credit Suisse) Englehard, or Government Mints – such as US Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, etc. All products other than Industrial Bars are subject to availability.
  1. “Fabrication” or “Bar Charges”
  2. Shipping – Register Post or Bonded Courier.
  3. Insurance, Applicable Local taxes of your home Country, State, or Province.
  4. Customs Duties (If Applicable)
This is an individual preference
  1. Safety Deposit Box.
  2. Bonded Insured Warehouse (If available in your area).
  3. Home Safe.
  4. Etc.
Depending on the Type of product you have, you may sell it to:
  1. Local Coin Dealers.
  2. Your Original Dealer.
  3. Some Banks may be willing to buy it from you.
  4. Other Retail Dealers.
  5. PMI.
Note: Once you have product in your possession, and you wish to sell it, you may be asked to have the product re-assayed, at your expense, prior to being given a Sale price. Generally, Assay costs are charged as a percentage of product or product value. This will ultimately reduce the amount you receive. There are also Security risks involved in handling the product, such as theft, or loss. During the time it takes you, once you have decided to sell your product, to safely get it to a Buyer and lock in a price – the price may go down and the price you receive may be significantly lower than when you made your decision to sell. Finally – depending on the size of Bars you have, you are limited to selling the entire Bar, when perhaps you would prefer to sell only a portion of that Bar. Example: 1000 oz Bar must be sold as a 1000 oz Bar. You cannot sell a portion of it and keep the Balance.
PMI provides you with the ability to Buy or Sell in increments of 1 oz – Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium – without the premium costs related to “Fabrication or Bar Charges” and eliminating the difficulties or risks described in the answer to Question 4.
Yes: Discuss your objectives with your Retail Dealer. Remember though, that in all likelihood your product will have to be assayed at your expense, prior to final credit to your Account.
Yes: Subject to the Terms & Conditions of your Account, PMI will advance up to 70% of the value of product in your Account, for whatever purpose you desire.
PMI maintains omnibus Accounts with International firms specializing in Precious Metals Products. These suppliers in turn maintain Accounts with Banking facilities and Refineries World Wide. This provides PMI with the ability to:
  1. Provide – home delivery from your Account, whenever you request.
  2. Provide you with Credit facilities.
  3. Provide you with competitive prices whenever you wish to Buy or Sell product from your Account.
  4. Provide you with the ability to Buy or Sell in 1oz increments without the high costs related to Premium charged for “Fabrication” or “Bar Charges”. All products held by PMI for the Accounts of PMI are segregated from all other Assets and inventory owned by PMI. In order to assure this segregation, PMI employs an outside Accounting service, which monitors the daily transactions and inventories of all PMI Accounts.
In addition, PMI employs a major international accounting firm which conducts a quarterly review of PMI’s segregated holdings for all PMI customer accounts.
Certificates for Gold or Silver issued by Banks will vary in terms of quantity and price. They are subject to the Terms & Conditions printed on the Face and back of the Certificate. Generally they are transferable to third parties but must be sold to the Bank of issue, or to other Banks willing to recognize them. There are very few Banks who deal in certificates; therefore this is a Shrinking market. Bank issued certificates for Precious Metals are not FDIC or CDIC insured. For these reasons PMI does not deal in Precious Metals Certificates.
The spread between Ask and Bid on Precious Metals products is comprised of two components.
  1. Wholesale Dealer Profit Margins.
  2. Market Conditions relative to supply/demand.
Note: When you purchase Precious Metals Bullion products, you will pay a premium over the “Spot” market. Generally speaking, as it is the “Bid” price you will receive, when you sell, it is the “Bid” price that must increase to the level of your “Original Ask” price, in order for you to be at Break Even. (This is exclusive of any commissions you pay your Retail Dealer).
Generally speaking all charges you pay including commissions should be added to arrive at your final cost, which then can be divided by the quantity of product you have purchased. The resulting figure is equal to your Break Even at the time of your purchase (exclusive of ongoing finance and storage/service charges, if applicable).

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"Gold is the money of kings,
silver is the money of gentlemen,
barter is the money of peasants,
but debt is the money of slaves."

Norm Franz

"Silver and gold, silver and gold,
everyone wishes for silver and gold."

Johnny Marks

"Silver and gold are not the only coin;
virtue too passes current all over the world."


Commissions Schedule

When you purchase Precious Metals Bullion Products from International Metals Group L.A. (IMG) you are purchasing at our ("Ask price"). When you sell Precious Metals Bullion products to Smart Bullion you receive the same sale price ("BID Price") IMG receives from its wholesale suppliers.

Commissions charged to the Customer are always negotiable depending on the size and time of the purchase or sale, and are a maximum of 5% of the Total Market Value on Purchases and 5% of the Total Market Value on Sales.

Bullion Bars

Disclosure: IMG DOES NOT conduct transactions in FUTURES CONTRACTS, OPTIONS ON FUTURES CONTRACTS, or SECURITIES. When you purchase Precious Metals Bullion products from IMG, said products are immediately delivered to you or your account with Precious Metals International, Ltd., subject to the Terms and conditions of your Account Agreement with PMI.


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